Even sparsely populated Lincoln County isn’t protected from illegal fentanyl, its victims normal, hardworking people who believe they’re buying much needed pain relief. But these fatal overdoses have Porter Beck and his team chasing phantom dealers hidden by the Dark Web. In desperation, he finds help in the form of a sixteen-year-old juvenile delinquent, a girl who is not at all what she appears to be and who may be the reason behind some high-level government hacking. Together, they will encounter a vicious drug cartel and the ruthless intelligence operatives of one of America’s greatest enemies.

The suspense is non-stop in this second installment of the Porter Beck mystery series, where the biggest mystery of all may be: Who is Mercy Vaughn and what is she capable of?


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“The Western thriller book canon expands to Nevada — with a touch of ‘The Americans’…Borgos’ debut may be called “The Bitter Past,” but with strong plotting, explorations of little-known history and a complicated protagonist, this series’ future seems especially sweet. Here’s hoping future adventures of Sheriff Beck and his posse continue expanding our knowledge of this previously unsung corner of the West.”

– Paula L. Woods, The L.A. Times

“This riveting debut has traces of Craig Johnson’s novels, with the personal nuclear fallout in Betty Webb’s Desert Wind.”

– Library Journal

“…a well-crafted police procedural combined with an espionage thriller. I look forward to the further exploits of Sheriff Beck and his crew.”

– Barbara Saffer, Mystery & Suspense


Meet The Author

BRUCE BORGOS writes stories about families and the people who will do anything to protect them. If you enjoy contemporary fiction with themes of human struggle and the power of love, then you will enjoy Bruce’s novels.

Bruce Borgos
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Book 2 in the Porter Beck Mystery Series​

On the night of July 4th, Sheriff Porter Beck sees a strange light streak across the dark sky and prays it won’t land in drought-stricken Lincoln County, where the wildfires are already burning. But it does, and the resultant explosion triggers an avalanche of death and destruction in the high desert, impacting Beck’s oldest friend, the community at large, even his sure shot sister, Brinley.

Looking for answers leads Beck to sixteen-year-old tech-whiz, Mercy Vaughn, currently incarcerated at the local youth center. He senses the young hacker may be more than she claims to be, but a Mexican drug cartel and the People’s Republic of China also have a stake in determining her real identity.
The body count is just getting started…

…Find out where it stops on July 16, 2024!