The Bitter Past

Porter Beck has worked in the shadows before – in another life when he could still see in the dark. But the Nevada sheriff is battling night blindness now and searching for a Russian assassin who’s killing old men in the high desert north of Las Vegas.

When an ex-FBI agent is tortured and killed, Beck is mystified, not by the gruesome scene in his normally quiet county but by the clues that point to the dawn of America’s atomic age and a secret test to see what would happen if deadly plutonium was “accidentally” released in the environment. To catch the killer, he must first find the KGB spy who came to steal America’s atomic secrets sixty years earlier, who now lives closer than he could possibly know, and unravel the truth about the world’s first dirty bomb, two things the U.S. Government cannot afford to have revealed. As the body count climbs, so do the stakes for him and those he loves, especially when an alluring federal agent makes it impossible to know who to trust.

Life Strings

More than anything else in the world, nine-year-old Jacks wants to help his dying mother. A simple blood test could allow him to do that. But what Annie Brody hasn’t told her son yet is that they don’t share any DNA because he came from an anonymous woman’s egg.

So why does the blood test show Jacks and Annie are related?

The answer is half a world away where a young woman is battling famine, disease, and an endless war to care for 20,000 refugees, the only family she has ever really had. As if that wasn’t enough, she’s made enemies with the one man who controls the supplies her people desperately need.

She alone holds the cure for Annie.

Life Strings is a race against time on every level, a story of a mother willing to put her son in harm’s way in order to save them both, and of another who discovers the inescapable bonds of blood.

Holding Fire

The conflict between the cattle ranchers of Midas County and the federal government has been smoldering for more than 20 years. Harlan Hale, the crusty Nevada cowboy, has had enough. When the BLM tries to seize his herd, Harlan meets them head-on, matching gun for gun. The slightest twitch will set off a war.

So Will Bearfoot is coming home. The big-wigs in Washington need a hammer for a nasty nail and have sent their best ranger, a Shoshone Indian, to keep the powder keg from exploding.

Except fire comes in many forms.

Caught in this violent maelstrom are two others from Will’s past – John Henry Hale, Harlan’s oldest boy, now a firefighter who has seen too much death already. He doesn’t want his father to be the next body he finds. And John Henry’s wife, Jordan, Will Bearfoot’s first and only love, the girl he left behind more than twenty years ago. When she learns of Will’s return, the fire breathes again.

Packed with suspense, Holding Fire is a page-turning tale of the modern west, a story of good people struggling against the forces of nature, not the least of which is the beautiful and terrible power of attraction, of instinctive love.

“Borgos seamlessly braids several intersecting plotlines into a unified tapestry . . . in this debut novel.” – Kirkus Reviews